TAPA Consulting and logistics safety

Italsicurezza is a TAPA EMEA member (Transported Asset Protection Association). This is a world leading association for supply chian safety. We wanted to become TAPA members in order to offer efficient solutions to try to avoid risks in the logistics market thanks to our high level expertise and know-how with international experience. As a TAPA member we have access to the entire database of the criminal events in the global supply chain field, which is constantly updated. This allows us to be constantly trained on the subject of safety in logistics.

Italsicurezza is TAPA EMEA member
Magazzino di un centro logistico protetto da distemi di sicurezza per il raggiungimento degli standard TAPA

We design and realize custom safety solutions for logistics by integrating different technologies and managing them through a single software interface.

We want to provide highly performing systems that have the aim to solve the specific security and safety problems of the logistics field, and to improve the safety and quality of work through efficient and performant solutions.

Thanks to our experience in the logistics field, we are able to easily adapt our Customer systems to the TAPA EMEA standard, and become their reliable and qualified partner.

Our h24 assistance service aims to help our Customers at any time of the day or year, providing remote support thanks to our specialized technicians and ensuring short on-site intervention time. This way, your company can keep working without long stops or waits and everything takes place in absolute safety.

Our systems require the application of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and the GDPR compliant PSIM software (Physical Security Information Management).

Italsicurezza's engineers helping a logistics customer

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PSIM: the best system for the safety management in the safety field

PSIM systems (Physical Security Information Management) allow the logistics center to manage every security system in the building in a complete and integrated way. Through the CUBESUITE® software platform it is possible to have a unificated management of video surveillance, fire detection, access control and even building automation systems from different locations, facilities or buildings in a single control room. CUBESUITE® meets the Customers requests about the direct interaction between management softwares and processes, allowing in many cases to return the investment in 4.0 Industry.

Italsicurezza can design the most suitable solution to your requests by integrating systems, technologies or control panel too. Whatever you need, we can find a solution: contact us to get a consulting from an experienced technician and you will find how Italsicurezza can anwer your questions with custom solutions!

Case History

La nostra esperienza in ambito logistico: dai un'occhiata al nostro Case History!

In più di 25 anni di esperienza, abbiamo avuto modo di lavorare con importanti aziende del settore logistico, accogliendo le loro richieste e facendo della loro sicurezza la nostra mission.

Dai un’occhiata ad una delle soluzioni che abbiamo proposto ad un noto centro logistico italiano.

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