Research and innovation

In order to Anticipating the future to offer our customers increasingly effective solutions: this is the deepest motivation that drives us to improve every day. We want to go beyond the most common answers, investing in research and development projects that involve the use of the most advanced technologies.

These are some of the special projects on which we are investing to always offer high level performance, high quality services that can satisfy everyone.

Italsicurezza - special projects_integrated security solutions through software PSIM

PSIM: Physical Security
Information Management

A PSIM system is the ideal solution to optimize the effectiveness of security systems, allowing a centralized management of each individual asset through the special CUBESUITE® software.

Italsicurezza - Special projects_ BCMS Ventur for birsdstrikes prevention

BCMS Ventur: solutions against

BCMS Ventur is a revolutionary Bird and Drone Detection System developed by The Edge Company. Italsicurezza gives technical support as international system integrator.


ISSAR: security managing through augmented reality

ISSAR (Information Security System Augmented Reality) is the innovative system for security managing through Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality (AR).

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