CubeFire: the best software for fire detection systems maintenance

CubeFire is a software created by Life3 that allows you to manage the maintenance of fire detection systems in compliance with the UNI 11224. Thanks to this system it is possible to ensure a correct maintenance and efficiency of systems in accordance with the standards, having the documentation related to the interventions available at any time.

For the Customer

Customers can choose to implement CubeFire in their PSIM system through the maps plug-in, being able to supervise their fire detection systems.

Customers can easily access the CubeFire software by an authentication system through web browser. In this way they can consult, verify and download documentation at any time.

CubeFire will support the maintenance technician during the maintenance process and will help him through a guided path to carry out all checks and their digital recording.

In this way, the technician will follow the required steps and will avoid mistakes and technical errors by operating in compliance with the standards.

For the Technician


CubeFire: the best software for fire detection systems maintenance

Italsicurezza relies on the CubeFire software to manage the maintenance intervention according to the UNI 112244:2019 standard. The standard pays particular attention to the maintenance procedures, establishing the verification criteria according to the age of some types of devices, as well as defining the maintenance control procedures.

In the software there are four different types of maintenance checks:

  • Periodic Maintenance: six-monthly periodic inspection option;
  • Ordinary Maintenance: option for scheduled maintenance;
  • Extraordinary Maintenance: option for the unscheduled maintenance;
  • Virtual: virtual card option, that is useful for correcting some parameters.

During the first inspection the system divides the initial check in:

  • Initial check – system delivery;
  • Initial check – taken charge of maintenance;

The maintenance intervention can also be distinguished in three different procedures
The first procedure is the so-called “Basic Maintenance” and it is used when the technician doesn’t have or decides not to use a detailed checklist of all the system components. Thanks to CubeFire it is possible to manually make the detailed components checklist.
The technician will carry out the maintenance through guided steps, recording both required and optional checks. This is the suitable procedure especially for all those old or conventional systems with limited pc connection functions.

During the second type of procedure called “Detailed Offline Maintenance“, the technician will enter the detailed checklist of components. This operation can be done manually or by uploading the control panel configuration files. hanks to this procedure, the control panel characteristics and the components checklist will be automatically uploaded, creating a detailed checklist. The technician has to focus only on the recording.

The third type of procedure is the “Detailed Online Maintenance” which exploits the control panel connectivity and therefore it can automate the uploading of both the configuration (components checklist) and the recording of the tests. The connection works via TCP/IP based network.

According to each procedure, after filling out the maintenance documentation, the completed document will be confirmed and it can no longer be edited. A legally valid PDF file will be automatically generated and verified through an encryption system called SHA256 (Secure Hash Algorithm). This data security system combines the pdf with an originality verification code, included in another file and stored in the CUBE Fire database. It is possible to compare the code generated by the file with the one in the database to be sure that the pdf maintenance document has not been tampered with. If the codes are different it will be an overwhelming evidence of a tampering.

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Compliant fire detection systems

Italsicurezza designs, installs, integrates and carries out maintenance interventions in compliance with the fire revelation systems standard.

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