PSIM: Physical Security Information Management

The different systems have to operate in synergy with each other to ensure the higest level of safety. In order to achieve these aims, it is essential to install a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software that allows a unified management of the various security systems through a single interface.

CUBESUITE® is a Life3 software which can centralize the systems control (even if they are located in different facilities) and contextualize the information received from multiple systems, thus reducing the risk of false alarms and improving the overall safety.

CUBESUITE®: what systems can it control?

The software allows the complete management of video surveillance systems. This is because it can control multiple cameras at the same time.

CUBESUITE® can integrate different fire detection systems to be able to control different areas or alerts and keep a record of them.


The system allows you to manage the domotics of buildings through the home automation system, making life easier.

It is possible to check the status of intrusion detection systems, arm or disarm areas, manage events and alarms in real time.

The system ensures complete and integrated management of access control systems, users management and documentation.


Thanks to this tool it will be possible to optimize the resources by measuring and checking the energy consumption of the equipment.

CUBESUITE®: software for simplyfing and improving security managing

CUBESUITE® is an easy and efficient solution to manage the safety in places through any device connected to the internet (tablet, pc, smartphone). This is the best software to integrate into:

CUBESUITE® software PSIM on computer, pc, smartphone and tablet

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