Fixed gas detection systems

The collaboration with Sensitron involves designing, installing and maintaining fixed gas detection systems, that are suitable for protecting environments in which the potential presence or excessive concentration of gases (flammable, inert, refrigerant and toxic) may pose a danger to human health.

Thanks to specific sensors, these systems can detect specific gases in the air by activating optical-acoustic signals for evacuation and intercepting and venting devices.

Sensori fissi per la rilevazione gas Sensitron
Centrali per la rilevazione gas Sensitron

The gas detection systems are connected to control panels that can manage multiple sensors at the same time, in full compliance with national and European regulations.

Types of gas detectors

Catalytic sensor

Electrochemical cell

Infrared sensor

Operatore effettua la manutenzione di un rilevatore fisso di gas

Importance of maintenance

Fixed gas detection systems require periodic maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of the installed detectors. EN60079-29-2 is the reference standard for maintenance for European installations.
The frequency of maintenance operations depends on the type of the sensor and the risk level of the area, following the indications of the construction.

Sistema di controllo accessi con sbarre per parcheggio sotterraneo

Gas detection in underground garages

It is frequent the application of gas detection systems in underground garages where hazardous gases such as CO, petrol vapour and NO2 can be detected . This type of application is mainly regulated by D.Lgs. 81/2008 and by the European Standard EN 505-1 since August 2014.

The EN 50545-1 European standard defines the technical characteristics of detectors and control panels and their intervention thresholds.

In Italy, the Legislative Decree n.81/2008 81/2008 requires employers to ensure the safety of their workers in the workplace, according to the risk assessment.

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