Portable gas detectors

It is not always possible to secure an environment by installing fixed gas detection systems. Sometimes the presence of people in particular contexts involves the use of portable detection devices. Thanks to the use of Sensitron-Crowcon portable gas detectors it is possible to ensure the health and safety for all those who settle or pass in a hazardous environmentat , such as areas reserved for the production of wine and spirits, confined spaces, engine rooms and much more.

Portable gas detectors: features and functionalities

There are different types of portable detectors, defined by their distinctive functionalities and features.

Portable gas detectors are able to detect the presence or excessive concentration of one or more gas combinations in the air. Each detector, in fact, can detect from 1 to 5 gases at the same time, whether they are flammable, toxic, inert or refrigerant (the most common ones are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, ammonia, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide).

Mainly, portable gas detectors are divided into rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Rechargeable devices use replaceable cartridges that allow the re-use of the detector, while non-rechargeable ones exhaust their functionality after a specific period of operation.

The battery may have different characteristics depending on the model and type of the detector. In all products, however, the battery is designed to last a long time, ensuring efficiency and safety even after several hours of operation.

The devices are easy to wear (clip, eyelet or pocket-mounted) and are water, dust and shock resistant, so they can adapt perfectly even to the most difficult working environments. All the detectors have been designed to let workers continue their activities without hindrance, thanks to devices small size and practicality.

The devices are supplied in collaboration with Sensitron, a leading company in the field of gas detection solutions. In addition to portable detectors, they also create fixed solutions for gas detection in hazardous environments.

Lavoratore che indossa un dispositivo portatile per la rilevazione gas lavora in un'azienda di produzione gas

Safety at work and portable detectors

Sensitron-Crowcon portable gas detectors perform the tasks compliant to the regulations on safety at work and the workers protection in confined spaces. Thanks to the emission of light and sound alerts, they can warn people of the presence or excessive concentration of one or more gases and allowing them to evacuate before health damage occurs.

The Sensitron portable gas detection systems are compliant with the 9 April 2008 Legislative Decree No. 81, the so-called “Single Text on Health and Safety at Work”.

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