Security fogging:
You can't steal what you can't see

Security fogging is a particular type of active antitheft system, capable of placing an obstacle between the criminal and the items that could be stolen or vandalized. The aim of security fogging is to completely avoid thefts, quickly interfe at the very beginning of the event and prevent the thieves from seeing and orienting themselves in the surrounding space. The system provides a dense and harmless non-toxic fog that will fill the space preventing the criminals from committing the crime.  

No damage

Security fogging does not damage, dirty or leave traces on goods, not even the most fragile and sensitive one, for example articles in perfume shops, server rooms, jewelers, boutiques and food shops, operating down to -14°C.


The security fogging system has been tested by several research laboratories. It was certified as harmless and non-dangerous for humans and animals.
The substance is the same that is used by Fire fighters and in the show business.

Long lasting

The fog stays suspended for a long time: even with strong ventilation, the substance will take about 20 minutes to dissolve. It is possible to programm the system to activate the fog even in continuous cycles.

No Vandalism

The fogging solution, not only prevents thefts, but provides also protection for activities from vandalism, distruction or damages on facilities and places, preventing criminals from seeing.

Active protection with the security fogging

Crimes can be effectively avoided thanks to the anti-fog protection. Typically, theftsare completed in 8 minutes, preventing the police from arriving on time in most cases. By installing a security fogging system, the fog will activate in 2-3 seconds from the detection of the attempted theft, filling the space with a dense fog that will make sight impossible and disorient the criminal in about 8 seconds

Some models are also equipped with a strobe light that further enhances the disorienting effect, slowing down and preventing the thief from carrying out the crime. 

In this way, the police will have time to arrive at the scene and eventually catch the thief in the act. Being disoriented, the thief will not be able to flee quickly.

Italsicurezza - security fogging action time

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