A system integrator company with more than 30 years of professional experience in Safety and Security

Since 1993 we work as System Integrators all over Italy for institutions, companies, individuals and the community, to ensure Security, which is the main prerequisite for the growth of our country.

Thanks to the constant growth and development, we are organized nowadays in a company that has more than 30 employees, providing our Customers increasingly advanced services and technologies.

Associations and Federations

"Only together we can achieve what each of us seeks to achieve."

The Security field consists of countless companies, activities,organisms, people. Cooperation is the basis on which progress is built. Collaboration between companies towards a single shared purpose is essential for the growth and development of this field and of the single companies too. Together they can unite their efforts and overcome maket challenges.

Partners and Brands

Certifications and Acknowledgements

Our company reached several certifications and acknowledgrments ensuring our quality, expertise and compliance to the rules established by law.

ISO 27001

Information security management systems

ISO 9001

Quality management systems for a non-stop improvement

SOA OS5 and OS30

Anti-intrusion and electrical systems installation for the public field

The strengthof a company is its people. The quality of its services is measured by the skills and dedication of professionals who work everyday for the Customer satisfaction.

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