ISSAR: safety management system through Augmented Reality (AR)

Alongside The Edge Company, Italsicurezza has developed ISSAR (Information Security System Augmented Reality). It is an innovative system based on Augmented Reality (AR) for the management of the repressive and preventive activity of security professionals. The software aims to support several types of specialist such as security guards, firefighters, corporate security officers, private investigators, bodyguards and the police forces.

The system allows communication between the operator and the PSIM, improving not only the sensory perception thanks to the augmented reality elements, but also the availability of the contents, the dinamism and operational efficiency.

ISSAR reduces the reaction time in case of critical issues, helping the user’s decision-making processes and improving the efficiency of interventions. Thanks to the use of Smart Glasses, it can keep all affected areas under control, using the graphic maps and live camera footages to promptly trace the source of the alarm.

The ISSAR software can be used in all places where a PSIM system in installed. It improves the overall security in that site thanks to the communication between the different security systems (video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire detection) and the ability to manage them in a unified way.

Relying on ISSAR can enhance the efficiency of the security or safety team:


ISSAR allows the operator to stand and be ready to intervene quickly with hands free.

Operator Protection

Increased protection for operators thanks to additional information in real time, available to the operator and to the control room support team.


Reduction of times and costs for interventions and training, decreasing the level of training required to act in case of emergency


ISSAR raises the security level of a site, allowing the operator to receive information in real time and consult instructions and procedures.

Augmented Reality and PSIM

The operator can interact with the safety system through augmented reality thanks to the Smart glasses on sites where a PSIM software platform (Physical Security Information Management) is installed.

The system provides interactive graphical maps that will show some informations in real time along with live camera footage. This makes it easier to monitor multiple areas at the same time.

Screenshot della visuale di ISSAR

Virtual Monitor

The ISSAR system can also be used from the Control Room. The control room team will be able to see what the operator sees in real time while he’s wearing the Smart Glasses. This feature improves the quality and speed of information, allowing more efficient intervention and reducing risks in the field for the operator.