Access Control: the ideal system to manage the flows of goods, people and vehicles.

The passage and presence of people, goodsand and vehiclescan be managed and verified by Access control systems. The access control system compares the subject/vehicle credentials with its database. It verifies not only the validity of the credentials, but also the time profile of the subject and the passages to which it is enabled. Thanks to the advanced CUBE Access® software, as a result, the application is a complete management of transits and flows, increasingly integrated with business processes.

Companies and Office centers
Factories and Industrial sites
Hotel and Spa
Private and Public Healthcare
Parking lots and Residential areas

Access Control: a lot of technologies for a single solutions

Access Control systems are the ideal solution in different areas, such as: industrial facilities, offices, public administration offices, gyms, swimming pools, sports centers, logistics centers, restricted areas, hotels, hospitals, schools, car parks, residential areas, events, fairs and exhibitions.

Access control systems can be integrated with various security systems such as video surveillance systems, anti intrusion or fire protection systems. In this way, the available tools can be strengthened to improve safety in specific areas and facilities.

Safe and efficient

Security and safety level improvement, monitoring even more critical areas.

Flows control

Advanced management of flows of goods, people, and vehicles thanks to the software supervision skills.

Fast and practical

Thanks to the access control, procedures are automatized by quickly recognizing the subjects .

Data processing

The software provided processes the information collected, delivering accurate reports and statistics.

Access Control Credentials

Reliable Access Control softwares

CUBE Access® software allows any company to verify and control the transits in its facility. CUBE Access® provides companies with all the tools to monitor and improve flows security level of the area. It provides a complete database and several management features such as a Black List, document upload with expiration date management, journal, accidents management, maintenance technicians management, key management, records that can be filtered and exported, custom statistics, etc.

CUBE Guest is a CUBE Access® software designed specifically to control the entries and exits of guests, visitors, patrons. The system allows to schedule appointments and visits, granting the entrance only to authorized people and exclusively for the time necessary. Now more than ever, it is essential to limit the number of external visitors and avoid gatherings and crowds. CUBE Guest also integrates the touchless recording function.

Sistemi a chiave maestra CISA

Master key solutions

Italsicurezza is a CISApartner. CISA is a company by the AllegionGroup, that provides master key solutions.

CISA Master key systems aim at simplifyingand optimizing the areas access criteria. They are suitable for the installation in buildings and company structures where a lot of door locks are involved..
In this case, people often have to manage a lot of keys and people with different access permission. Therefore it is necessary to regulate the access.

CISA Master key systems allowto manage a large number of accesses by working with just one or a few keys. They are essential in complex and articulated organizations (such as large buildings, hotels, hospitals, companies, etc.).

expiration date management, journal, accidents management, maintenance technicians management, key management, records that can be filtered and exported, custom statistics, etc

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