Safety at work: man down devices for the safety of lone workers or people working at heights

The safety of isolated workers who works alone is mandatory to ensure that the work activities are carried out in accordance with the law. Italsicurezza, through the partnership with Irbema, offers specific man down systems capable of protecting the safety of those workers so that they can receive prompt assistance in case of emergency.

Man down systems: betwen regulations and safety at work

The isolated workers safety is regulated by the D.M. 388/03, art.2 paragraph 5 and by L. 81/08, art. 43. These rules specify the employer duties towards isolated workers, who have to be equipped with suitable communication systems to get help after calling their manager or the national health service.

Man down devices can automatically detect possible workers illnesses or accidents, promptly send alerts to the reference manager or start an SOS phone call.

Sistema uomo a terra indossato tramite gancio da un lavoratore isolato che lavora in solitudine


Man down systems are capable of starting automatic phone calls to preset numbers.


Devices can send preset messages to selected numbers in case of emergency.

SOS Button

Each device has an SOS button that can be pushed to contact the emergency services.

Dispositivo uomo a terra per la tutela dei lavori isolati che lavorano in solitudine


Some devices are equipped with geolocalization to quickly track the worker in danger.


Thanks to the SRD3 technology it is possible to track the workers even if they are indoors.


It does not interfere with movements, making it easy to use and lightweight.

What do man down systems detect?

Man Down systems are capable of detecting immobility, falling, verticalityand many of other states that can imply danger, allowing help to arrive on time.

Practicality: what can they look like?

These devices have different shapes and sizes (watches, bracelets, devices that can be attached to pockets or belts), doing their task discreetlyand without being an obstacle.

How are alarms and alerts managed?

The operation of man down devices is based on wi-fi, radio or Bluetooth network. They store any alerts and localizations in an external archive.

Man down systems can effectively protect the safety of different categories of workers:

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