Video surveillance: highest resolution and smart functions

Video surveillance systems represent a technology which is essential for the security of companies, private houses and public places. These are preventive solutions that act as a deterrent by discouraging criminals. They allow to monitor flows and roads and they can play a primary role in the reconstruction of crimes and criminal events.

IP vs Analog

The different functions and potential of Analog and IP video surveillance systems make them suitable for different applications according to the needs of the user and the area to be protected. With the assistance of Italsicurezza as a system integrator, it is possible to perform revamping interventions to improve and expand the system overcoming the limits imposed by analog video surveillace systems.

Analog video surveillance systems

Analog video surveillance systems are the past of this technology and require a point-to-point connection between cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recorder). They need a specific wiring which may use a greater amount of cables. This characteristic, however, makes them less exposed to possible cyber attacks directly on the cameras.

In recent years, many manufacturers have introduced technologies to improve the otherwise very low video resolution compared to IP solutions, on the same infrastructure: HDTVI, AHD, HD-CVI. These technologies allow the revamping of the systems while keeping the existing wiring.

IP video surveillance systems

IP video surveillance systems are the present and the future of CCTV technology thanks to the advantages they can offer to Customers. First of all, IP systems ensure interoperability between products and manufacturers through standard communication protocols (ONVIF, RTSP, etc.) between cameras and VMS management platforms.

Management software platforms can be installed on dedicated or standard hardware that can be expanded in terms of number of devices, computing and storage capacity or client. Besides, communication between devices can be based on various network technologies. Backup and failover functions are possible because it is essentially an IT system.

Video surveillance systems integrations

Thermographic cameras

The thermographic camera or thermal camera is a video device that is capable of detecting the heat produced by the temperature of any body and translating it into an image. The advantage of thermographic cameras lies in their ability to work even in absolute darkness or with poor visibility.

License plate reading

A video surveillance system can also be integrated with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) license plate reading cameras. These high level solutions are adopted in access control, road and city safety, land and traffic control.

IA and deep learning

Thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning systems, cameras can learn from a range of information, increasing their efficiency. Typical functions are the Object detection and classification (Person, Face, Vehicle, License Plate), Attribute or BestShot.


Video surveillance systems can be integrated in a PSIM software (Physical Security Information Management). In particular, CUBESUITE® software platform integrates video surveillance, anti-intrusion, access control and fire detection systems, ensuring a unified management of the security.

Video analysis software

To take full advantage of the cameras potential, a video analysis software should be implemented on board or on the server. Sometimes a simple video surveillance system may not be enough to guarantee the complete safety in the area, because some experienced criminals could sneak into protected areas in particular circumstaces.

On the other hand, a video surveillance system equipped with a video analysis software will ensure greater effectiveness because it can see even what escapes a human eye.

Video Analysis software finds cars, people and bycicle in a city square
The videoanalysis software detects vehicles, people and bikes in a square. In this image, the video analysis software was able to detect cars (red boxes), a van (top left grey box), bikes in the pedestrian area (yellow boxes) and people wearing a red coat (blue boxes). It was also applied a rule for the work in progress area (red area).
Video analysis software finds cars and people in a road cross
In this image the video analysis software detected single vehicles by dividing the cars (blue boxes) from the trucks (green boxes). It was also applied a rule to track red cars (red boxes). The system highlighted the people crossing the roads (yellow boxes) and a pedestrian area (top left red area) and it will make an alert if a car invades it.

Video analysis softwares applied to video surveillance systems can be set to detect specific assets like objects, vehicles, people or particular details (for example the color of a car or clothes). It can work even in poor visibility conditions such as at night, in poorly lit places or in case of fog or rain.

Some softwares can also perform face detection and facial recognition functions, as well as entries and space management.

Privacy and

Video surveillance systems deal with sensitive data and even particular data, falling under the privacy regulations and especially the GDPR (2016/679 General data protection regulation).

It is essential that data included in records are acquired, processed, stored and deleted in accordance with the official procedures, protecting at the same time the privacy of the subjects involved and caught on camera and the interests of the system owner.

The law requires the display of a short informative note, represented by the special “video surveillance area” sign containing all references on the use of data, followed by a complete informative note with all the details included (purposes, methods of treatment , storage times, subjects involved, etc.)

Moreover, camera footages should be saved in regulatory compliant storage systems, possibly of the GDPR Ready type, with automatic deleting systems.

Italsicurezza has a suitable training on privacy and GDPR, especially thanks to the video surveillance Privacy Officer and Privacy Consultant in video surveillance certification, and to the ISO 27001 for the data security.

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