Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems detect any phenomena that can indicate the beginning of a fire (smoke, flames, heat) though special sensors that communicate with the control panel. It activates the local and remote alarm systems according to programmed logics.

The importance of design of the fire detection systems

Fire protection systems efficiency and reliability strictly depends on a careful and precise design in accordance with the standards For an effective design, it is essential a careful analysis of the risks and needs and an accurate study of the context, the history and the requests of the customer.

The standard UNI 9795 regulates the design of fire detection systems, requiring the application of strict standards to ensure the safety of the installed system.

Fire detection systems are not only simple technologies to be installed, but they are complex systems consisting of multiple elements that must interact with each other in synergy. For example: detectors, control panels, EVAC systems, repeaters and gateways in wireless systems. For this reason it is essential to always rely on a certified professional, who is able to implement the system in compliance with the standards.

Fire detection systems: custom solutions an also wireless solutions

Notifier Fire Protection Botton from Teatro Nuovo Verona
Optical smoke detector on the stands of Teatro Nuovo Verona

Italsicurezza’s extensive know-how guarantees the realization of systems in compliance with the standards, including wireless and ductless systems. We are able to create wireless fire detection systems, keeping buildings of historical and cultural value safe without affecting their aesthetics.

Our most famous wireless installation is applied to Teatro Nuovo in Verona. Our mixed fire detection system, partly wireless and partly wired, made it possible keep the structure safe while respecting the historical and cultural value of the building.

External fire alarm in Teatro Nuovo Verona

Fire detection systems maintenance: the UNI 11224:2019 standard

Fire detection systems maintenance is regulated by the UNI 11224: 2019. The regulation has introduced remarkable changes in the standards adopted to carry out maintenance interventions. In particular, it is introduced the lenght of service principle, which provides for different methods based on the age of the detector in a cycle that expires ater 12 years of the system operation. After 12 years of operation, further verification activities will be necessary to check the efficiency of the system.

Hose reels and Fire extinguishers
Italsicurezza EVAC Systems

EVAC Systems

The EVAC (Emergency Voice and Communication) consists of audio voice alarm systems for emergency purposes, with the aim of spreading information to protect people inside and outside buildings during an emergency. These technologies are essential for sending messages through loudspeakers, in clear, hands-free or through pre-recorded audio.

The design, installation, activation and maintenance of EVAC systems are regulated by UNI ISO 7240-19 (construction of EVAC systems in the fire-fighting field) and EN 50849 (regulates sound diffusion systems except for those used in fire-fighting).

Fire-fighting Equipment

Italsicurezza provides, installs and maintains all fire-fighting equipment in compliance with the standards.

CubeFire: software for fire detection systems maintenance

CubeFire is a software created by Life3 that allows you to manage the maintenance of fire detection systems in compliance with the UNI 11224.

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