Kyran: safe maintenance

Italsicurezza relies on the Kyran portal to carry out maintenance interventions efficiently and above all, in compliance with the standards. Kyran is a useful software that manages deadlines, maintenance interventions (both ordinary and extraordinary), revisions and tests. The portal keeps the information always updated and reliable, and it is an official platform to which administrative staff, technicians and customers have access to enter and verify the data included. 


The technical coordinator monitors deadlines and plans the maintenance interventions in full compliance with the standards.


The intervention is accomplished by qualified technicians at the Customer's site according to the agenda.


The outcomes of every maintenance intervention will be recorded from the technician in the Kyran portal.


The technical supervisor validates the outcomes that are included in the software.

Checking Results

The Customers can check online the status of their systems everywhere and at any time.

Fire-fighting Equipment

We provide, install and carry out the maintenance of all fire-fighting equipment.

CubeFire: software for the Fire detection systems maintenance

CubeFire allows the management of maintenance and testing activities of fire detection systems.

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