Technical and legal analysis service of the compliance with privacy regulations of video surveillance systems

Alongside Studio Legale Rosadi-Soffientini lawyer Marco Soffientini, Italsicurezza offers video surveillance systems consulting service. The technical and legal analysis consists of an Audit divided into several steps, in order to carefully analyze the technologies and documentation. Then, a compliance or non-compliance of the system response is emitted.

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Safety in compliance with the standards

Video surveillance systems are essential to ensure public safety. However, safety has to be guaranteed within the limits and in compliance with the relugations, always protecting the privacy of citizens.

A non-compliant video surveillance system can damage the privacy of ordinary citizens who would risk being filmed in inappropriate circumstances. In the event of system vulnerability, this kind of images can be used by skilled criminals, greatly damaging people or the responsible urban client.

Verifying the compliance of video surveillance systems to the standards is a sensitive and important operation which requires knowledge and skills typical of professional experts in law and technical field. Italsicurezza decided to combine its skills with those of the Studio Legale Rosadi-Soffientini, one of the best Italian law office. Technical skills of a system integrator aren’t enough and they need to be integrated with with specific knowledge of the national and European legal system.

The privacy related standards to be compliant with are:

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) 2016/279;
  • D.Lgs 18 May 2018, n.51 (which transposed the Directive 680/2016 of the European Parliament and Council of Europe).

In case of non-compliance, the penalties are both criminal and administrative penalties. The latter are divided into:

  1. By breaking the law, the individual risks € 10.000.000 or up to 2% of the total annual worldwide turnover of the companies of the previous year, whichever is higher.
  2. In the event of serious violations of the basic principles, there is a risk of € 20,000,000 or up to 4% for the companies of the total annual worldwide turnover of the previous year, whichever is greater.

The Audit mainly consists of 3 steps that will be carried out within 1 day:

  1. Acquisition of documentary evidence;
  2. Inspection and checklist design;
  3. Writing an Audit report.

In the event of a non-compliant system, the Audit phase will be followed by a specific Assistance service which have to provide the DPO by providing help to solve problems in two meetings on site and remote support.

It is really easy to ask for a consulting:
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An experienced consultant will help you throughout the service!

Sistemi di sicurezza per studi professionali

Studio Legale Rosadi-Soffientini

Studio Legale Rosadi-Soffientini is represented by the lawyer Marco Soffientini, with a degree in Law from the University of Perugia and he is also an attorney at the Foro of Arezzo.

The lawyer Soffientini is considered one of the leading Italian experts in privacy matters, with an excellent curriculum that enhances his knowledge and skills. The lawyer is even certified with TÜV Italia as a “Privacy Officer and Privacy Consultant“. After some time as national coordinator of the Federprivacy Scientific Committee, until 2017, in 2018 he became President of the Supervisory Committee.

He works as a teacher at the University of Rome Unitelma Sapienza and the University of Milan, as well as editor and author of several essays and also collaborates with several newspapers.

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