Bringing Safety in Italy and abroad

In order to realize efficient and integrated safety systems, which can make professional work easier and improve the quality of life, we work at our best every day. Feeling safe with us means being sure that the installed systems include the best technologies available, and that you can rely on certified and experienced professionals for every need you may have during the life of your system.

Our technicians travel all over Italy just to bring high quality safety and security systems. We take care of design and installation, and also maintenance and h24 assistance thanks to our experienced staff and partners from every region in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

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  • Aquila (AQ)
  • Chieti (CH)
  • Pescara (PE)
  • Teramo (TE)
  • Matera (MT)
  • Potenza (PZ)
  • Catanzaro (CZ)
  • Cosenza (CS)
  • Crotone (KR)
  • Reggio Calabria (RC)
  • Vibo Valentia (VV)
  • Avellino (AV)
  • Benevento (BN)
  • Caserta (CE)
  • Napoli (NA)
  • Salerno (SA)
  • Bologna (BO)
  • Ferrara (Fe)
  • Forlì-Cesena ((FC)
  • Modena (MO)
  • Parma (PR)
  • Piacenza (PC)
  • Ravenna (RA)
  • Reggio Emilia (RE)
  • Rimini (RN)
  • Gorizia (GO)
  • Pordenone (PN)
  • Trieste (TS)
  • Udine (UD)
  • Frosinone (FR)
  • Latina (LT)
  • Rieti (RI)
  • Roma (RM)
  • Viterbo (VT)
  • Genova (GE)
  • Imperia (IM)
  • La Spezia (SP)
  • Savona (SV)
  • Bergamo (BG)
  • Brescia (BS)
  • Como (CO)
  • Cremona (CR)
  • Lecco (LC)
  • Lodi (LO)
  • Mantova (MN)
  • Milano (MI)
  • Monza e Brianza (MB)
  • Pavia (PV)
  • Sondrio (SO)
  • Varese (VA)
  • Ancona (AN)
  • Ascoli Piceno (AP)
  • Fermo (FM)
  • Macerata (MC)
  • Pesaro e Urbino (PU)

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  • Campobasso (CB)
  • Isernia (IS)
  • Alessandria (AL)
  • Asti (AT)
  • Biella (BI)
  • Cuneo (CN)
  • Novara (NO)
  • Torino (TO)
  • Verbano Cusio Ossola (VB)
  • Vercelli (VC)
  • Bari (BA)
  • Barletta-Andria-Trani (BT)
  • Brindisi (BR)
  • Foggia (FG)
  • Lecce (LE)
  • Taranto (TA)
  • Cagliari (CA)
  • Carbonia e Iglesias (CI)
  • Medio Campidano (VS)
  • Nuoro (NU)
  • Oristano (OR)
  • Sassari (SS)
  • Olbia Tempio (OT)
  • Ogliastra (OG)
  • Agrigento (AG)
  • Caltanissetta (CL)
  • Catania (CT)
  • Enna (EN)
  • Messina (ME)
  • Palermo (PA)
  • Ragusa (RG)
  • Siracusa (SR)
  • Trapani (TP)
  • Arezzo (AR)
  • Firenze (FI)
  • Grosseto (GR)
  • Livorno (LI)
  • Lucca (LU)
  • Massa Carrara (MS)
  • Pisa (PI)
  • Pistoia (PT)
  • Prato (PO)
  • Siena (SI)
  • Bolzano (BZ)
  • Trento (TN)
  • Perugia (PG)
  • Terni (TR)

Aosta (AO

  • Belluno (BL)
  • Padova (PD)
  • Rovigo (RO)
  • Treviso (TV)
  • Venezia (VE)
  • Verona (VR)
  • Vicenza (VI)

Italsicurezza is also based in Switzerland.

Italsicurezza is also based in Switzerland, headquarters in Lugano.

We carry out installation, maintenance and support interventions in compliance with the national standards, paying particular attention to the various Swiss regulations. We can realize custom safety systems thanks to our skills and experience that we also gained from working abroad.

Exporting high quality Safety abroad

Our reliability and expertise led us to take part in important international projects, to make us go to work overseas, in Europe and also abroad.

If you need an intervention abroad, please check if your Country is listed below. If there is not, contact us on the contacts page or write an e-mail to:

We will make every effor to find the most suitable solution that meets your requests, even abroad!

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  • Italy (IT)
  • Switzerland (CH)
  • Austria (A)
  • Germany (DE)

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