Thermographic cameras, thermal scanners and Covid-19

COVID-19 desease is caused by a virus responsible for the current pandemic and resulting in a real world health emergency. Temperature higher than 37.5°C turns out to be one of the main symptoms with which the virus manifests itself in the symptomatic positives. This acts as a warning for a possible contagion. Through a quick and reliable temperature measurement it is possible to detect in a few seconds people with fever who may have the virus. In this way they can be readily isolated and the contagious process stopped.

Thermographic cameras and thermal scanners are the ideal solution to automatize the temperature measurement of employees, customers, visitors and suppliers, allowing companies and commercial activities to carry out their work safely protecting people and their productivity. These devices safely automate the temperature measurement operations, saving time and employees effort.

It is possible to find the most suitable solution non only for companies, facilities, airports or stations, but also for schools, worksites, hospitals and shopping malls, making custom functions for each request.

Quick check

Temperature measurement takes only a few seconds, avoiding long queues and crowds.

Group measurement

Thanks to Fixed thermographic cameras it is possible to check up to 16 people at the same time.

High-level precision

They are efficient and reliable devices with an accuracy level above 0.3°C with Black Body.

Reducing risks

Thanks to these devices, it is possible to avoid direct contact between staff members and target subjects.

Performance, safety and compliance to the standards

Italsicurezza offers a wide range of Thermographic cameras and Thermal scanners with different functionalities and fatures, which can be integrated with custom security systems according to the Customers requests and needs.

Solutions always come after an early Analysis of the risks and needs, followed by an accurate assessment paying special attention to the compliance with the current regulations. In particular, it is taken into account the GDPR (General data protection regulation) by evaluating the impact of technologies on users privacy and regulating their use in accordance with the regulations.

The temperature is a sensitive data which requires specific treatment. Italsicurezza gained the ISO 27001 certification related to the Data security and the Privacy Officer and Privacy Consultant certification in the Video Surveillance field in 2020, showing its own skills in privacy and data security.

Types of
Thermographic cameras and thermal scanners

Fixed thermographic cameras

They are externally powered devices that require a wall installation connecting the device to a pc and a monitor in order to represent the targets analysis. Fixed Thermographic cameras can check the temperature even on groups of people, saving time and avoiding crowds. It is possible to integrate these technologies to access control systems.

Multi Function Detection Terminal

Multi Function Detection Terminals are the ideal solution for temperature measurement in small groups of people. They are specific tablets capable of performing the temperature measurement and possibly mask detection or facial identification. These technologies can be integrated with control access systems.

Portable thermographic cameras

Portable thermographic cameras are stand alone solutions that don't require a wall installation. They are handled directly by the operator and require the cooperation of each individual subject to be checked. These devices are equipped with a display where it is possible to view the graphical representation of the temperature, speeding up the process.

Temperature Screening Gate

They are specific gates based on infrared technology. People will have to walk through the gate one at a time, exposing their foreheads or putting their wrists closer to check the temperature. In addition to the Safety function of temperature measurement, Temperature Screening Gates are equipped with a metal detection function to detect metal objects, weapons or dangerous tools.

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