A lot of solutions to reduce the Covid-19 contagion risk

Respecting the social distancing, using masks and sanitizing hands are essential for the anti-contagion policies. However, technology can represent a concrete support to help citizens to accurately follow the prevention rules and to quickly identify and isolate any symptomatics. Italsicurezza provides a range of hardware and software anti-contagion solutions, allowing companies, factories, offices, public administration offices, art galleries, museums, schools, hotels, hospitals and commercial activities to protect from contagion guests, visitors and patrons.

Thermographic cameras and thermal scanners for temperature measurement

Temperature higher than 37.5°C turns out to be one of the main symptoms with which the virus manifests itself in the symptomatic positives: for this reason we supply and program reliable temperature measurement devices (Fixed thermographic cameras, termoscanner, temperature screening gate, multi function detection terminal).
Solutions always come after an early Analysis of the risks and needs, followed by an accurate assessment paying special attention to the compliance with the current regulations. In particular, it is taken into account the GDPR (General data protection regulation) by evaluating the impact of technologies on users privacy and regulating their use in accordance with the regulations.

Quick check

Temperature measurement takes only a few seconds, avoiding long queues and crowds.

Group temperature measurement

Thanks to Fixed thermographic cameras it is possible to check up to 16 people at the same time.

High-level precision

They are efficient and reliable devices with an accuracy level above 0.3°C with Black Body.

Reducing risks

Thanks to these devices, it is possible to avoid direct contact between staff members and target subjects.

Social distancing

The BLE Tracers are small devices whose purpose is to keep social distancing and anti-gathering and that base their operation on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, allowing devices to communicate over long range using very little energy.

Tracer BLE per il mantenimento del distanziamento sociale

 The devices track only the relative position, detecting proximity to other TAGs and issuing an alert if the interpersonal space is less than 2-3 meters (sound, lights, vibration). he different events are then safely recorded in the device memory, having the complete history available in case of need, thanks to the Contact Tracing function.


Data is saved anonymously and securely in the device memory, protecting the people data.


It is a practical and small device that doesn't interfere with the user movements. It is available with a clip or eyelet. It is available with a clip or eyelet.


It does not track the absolute position via GPS but only the relative one, basing its operation on the proximity to other devices.

People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring

This is possible by installing specific cameras or sensors at the entrance and exit of the area, which will process and compare the information through a software allowing or preventing new entrances. The devices, through a powerfull software, can analyze and compare the information and allow or deny other entry.
The systems are also capable of analyzing flows of people, showing statistics and providing graphics that can be used for commercial or marketing purposes.

Through these technologies it will be possible to integrate other functions in addiction:

  • Mask detection,
  • Queue management,
  • Social distancing control,
  • temperature measurement at the entrance

Green Pass Scanner

We supply Green Pass Scanner privacy compliant, in according to the law and for the Green Pass checking purpose.

Fornitura lettori di Green Pass

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