A lot of solutions to reduce the Covid-19 contagion risk

The COVID-19 virus has progressively infected millions of people around the world, causing a pandemic that has led to the deaths of millions of people. The virus can therefore represent a serious danger to the people’s health, especially due to its easy transmission. Respecting the social distancing, using masks and sanitizing hands are essential for the anti-contagion policies. However, technology can represent a concrete support to help citizens to accurately follow the prevention rules and to quickly identify and isolate any symptomatics.

Italsicurezza provides a range of hardware and software anti-contagion solutions, allowing companies, factories, offices, public administration offices, art galleries, museums, schools, hotels, hospitals and commercial activities to protect from contagion guests, visitors and patrons.

Social distancing devices

BLE Tracer: small Bluetooth tag whose purpose is to keep the suitable solcial distancing between people.

People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring

Software/Hardware solutions about people counting and occupancy monitoring.

Visitor management software

CubeGuest software allows managing guests and visitors easily and without contact.

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