BLE Tracer: Social Distancing devices

The BLE Tracers are small devices whose purpose is to keep social distancing and anti-gathering and that base their operation on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, allowing devices to communicate over long range using very little energy. The devices track only the relative position, detecting proximity to other TAGs and issuing an alert if the interpersonal space is less than 2-3 meters (sound, lights, vibration). The different events are then safely recorded in the device memory, having the complete history available in case of need, thanks to the Contact Tracing function. Tracers BLE technology is the ideal solution for museums, art galleries, libraries, production or logistics facilities, waiting rooms, canteens, hospitals etc.


Data is saved anonymously and securely in the device memory, protecting the people data.


It does not track the absolute position via GPS but only the relative one, basing its operation on the proximity to other devices.

Tracer BLE per il mantenimento del distanziamento sociale


It is a practical and small device that doesn't interfere with the user movements. It is available with a clip or eyelet.


BLE tracers are based on Bluetooth Low Energy, with a long range wireless communication low.

BLE Tracer: easy Social Distancing

Keeping the suitable social distancing is now easier with a Tracer BLE!

They are the ideal solutions on different occasions because they are devices easy to use and small in size. Their technology doesn’t require the user who brings them to have any special knowledge or skills: once it is configured by a system integrator and powered on, the device will work completely autonomously without stopping.

The devices can be easily worn around the neck thanks to a special eyelet to which it is possible to hook a badge holder or a lanyard, or be applied on a pocket thanks to the useful clip on the back.

BLE tracers prove to be the best device to keep social distancing, and also to recovery the main social, recreational and work activities in safety, following the rules included in the various anti-contagion regulations.

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People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring

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