People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring: avoiding crowds solutions for people counting and management of spaces

New security measures for the Covid-19 prevention have decreased the maximum capacity of people allowed inside places such as bars, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, canteens, waiting rooms. It is necessary for many activities to limit the entries, due to the different number of people allowed inside compared to before and constantly check the number of entrances in the various areas and always ensure the correct social distancing between people.

Covid-19 solutions

Thanks to the People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring technologies, each business activity is able to know at any time the exact number of people who are inside a specific place. This is possible by installing specific cameras or sensors at the entrance and exit of the area, which will process and compare the information  through a software allowing or preventing new entrances. The systems are also capable of analyzing flows of people, showing statistics and providing graphics that can be used for commercial or marketing purposes.

Through these technologies it will be possible to integrate other functions in addiction:

  • Mask detection,
  • Queue management,
  • Social distancing control,
  • Access temperature measurement.
Schermata software di un sistema di People Counting e Occupancy Monitoring

A technology for each request

People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring technologies are divided into two main types:

  1. Basic sensors,
  2. Professional systems with cameras.

The systems have different functionalities and charachteristics. For this reason, it is essential to always rely on a professional System integrator able to carefully evaluate the most suitable system for the context and Customer requests.

Pros and cons

Basic sensors works thanks to the interruption of a light beam, that is a photocell. These devices provide limited quality performances and may run into some technical inaccuracies although they are less expensive than the other type.

Professional systems with cameras, on the other hand, provide high quality performances thanks to the stereoscopic technology (the presence of two parallel lenses) and the softwares ability for video analysis. 

People counting and occupancy monitoring Professional systems with cameras

Social distancing devices

We provide and integrate BLE Tracers. They are specific devices capable of keeping the appropriate social distancing.

CubeGuest: touchless software to manage guests

Thanks to the tested QR Code system, the touchless CubeGuest allows to manage the visits in the facility, recording them in a database.

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