CubeGuest: safe visitor management software

CubeGuest is a software developed by Life3, which allows to manage visits and appointments in a completely touchless way, thus avoiding contacts between guests and staff or between customers and surfaces. The system works also as an access control software and it is an extremely practical and intuitive solution, which is suitable for any facility and company. It does not require the user any special knowledge or skills.

The system can send notifications and e-mails to the staff to notify them about the new accesses and the exits by third people and send alerts if a person included in a blacklist tries to access the facility.

The platform is suitable for the application in several sectors, such as factories, directional centers, public and private healthare, professional offices, accommodations, exhibitions and events.

Users have to connect with their smartphone to the  company wi-fi network   which is reserved for the CubeGuest portal. 

QR Code for CubeGuest software
Figure 1: How to connect to CubeGuest

By scanning a QR Code, the user will be redirected to the user data registration page (personal data, type of visit, reason for the visit, contact person, etc.)

Inquadrare il QR Code per registrarsi su Cube Guest
Figure 2: Scan the QR Code directly with your smartphone

Before finishing the registration process, it will be possible to view the safety regulations of the facility you are entering in, directly on your personal device. For example, you can read the regulations for the Coronavirus prevention, the evacuation plan in case of danger or fire, the privacy policy, as well as the access regulations to the company, any safety or security indications and the behaviors to be adopted inside of it.

The user has to read the privacy policy and safety policy and then accept and sign the mandatory conditions before being able to complete the registration process and confirm the appointment.

The recognition procedure has to be repeated when the user leaves the facility. In this way the system can update the database and always have the exact number of customers inside, thus avoiding gatherings and exceeding the maximum number of people allowed in the building.

Registrazione su Cube Quest con QR Code
Figure 3: Register in the CubeGuest portal

Optimal and safe management of company visits

The CubeGuest touchless system will manage the accesses automatically, recording the data related to the entrances and, when it’s needed or there is the suspicion of contagion, providing any reports at any time to investigate visits even after some time. Thanks to this process, it will be possible to track the accesses by going back to the customers data and activate the necessary emergency procedures in case of possible risks to the guests health and the staff.

Thanks to the CubeGuest touchless technology it will be possible to use an automatic and efficient access control system which can be used by customers and guests. It ensures a better hygiene without contact with public surfaces. The software is also compliant with the privacy regulations (GDPR) and the anti-contagion procedures.

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